AWFS Fair 2017   7/19/2017 - 7/22/2017
AWFS® Member CompanyIndustry 4.0Plastic Technology & Supplies Participant RazorGage, Technical Services, Inc

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RazorGage, booth #9429 will be demonstrating automatic positioners-saw stops along with AutoList cut list processing software and fully automatic RazorOptimal saw systems. AutoList is an option available on RazorGage products ranging from the Tablet PC based automated stop through the fully automated AutoPusher Saw System. In addition, RazorOptimal systems add crayon defect and board length scanning capabilities to automatically optimize cut list solutions into defect-free areas of your materials. RazArray sort assist helps the operator sort parts by your key parameters. Download cutlist files produced on design applications such as Cabinet Vision, CabnetWare, KCD, Microvellum, Mozaik and many others. Display cut lists on the touch screen. RazorOptimal software determines the best fit for remaining parts in the list to fit defect-free areas, thus increasing the yield of parts from the purchased materials; less waste = more profit! Eliminate operator mistakes from measuring and marking or cutting the wrong number of parts. Improve productivity. Print labels to speed up the sorting and assembly processes. RazorOptimal saw systems can automatically inkjet print directly onto your parts if you wish. Automatic pocket hole drilling and scribe marking are also available. Contact Dave Krevanko at 503-656-9845 or

Product/Service Category
     Machinery, Equipment and Accessories
          Cutting and Sawing
               Cut-Off Saws
               Cut-Off Saws - CNC
               Optimizing Cross cut Saws
               Saw Fence Systems
          Environmental and Safety
               Fences and Stops
               Saw Guards
          Materials Handling
               Feed Tables and Attachments
          Metal Working
          Special Products and Accessories
               Measuring Devices - Digital
               Measuring Devices - Quality Control
     Pallet Production Equipment
          Lumber Handling and Preparation
               Cross Cut Saws
               Cut-off Saws

  • RazorGage Positioner
  • RazorOptimal
  • Cyclone Up-cut Saw
  • RazorGage Caliper Table
  • RazorGage AngleMaster

Company Contacts

Steve Hoshor , Director Operations Add To Outlook

Dave Krevanko , National Sales Mgr. Add To Outlook

Dennis Brooks , Factory Technician Add To Outlook

Gary Simpson , Principal Add To Outlook

Products and Services
RazorGage RazorOptimal Saw System with Pocket Hole
Download cut list, Drill Pocket Holes, Scribe mark rail locations optimize cutting, Inkjet print part info.
The RazorOptimal saw system processes cut list data from major design applications. Scans board length and defect markings, optimizes cutting solutions, tracks door panel stave widths for glue-ups, drills pocket holes in named parts, scribe marks rail locations and inkjet prints downloaded information onto parts all in one fully automatic saw system.
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