Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show   10/11/2017 - 10/13/2017

EMV Compliance - Eliminate Chargebacks, Increase Revenue and Improve Operational Efficiencies 10/11/201710:15 AM10:45 AMOperational Excellence
Driving Sales Through Grass Roots Marketing, a Productive Team and Smart Operations 10/11/201710:45 AM11:45 AMIncrease Loyalty
Is Your Restaurant Franchisable? 10/11/201711:00 AM11:45 AMOperational Excellence
Culinary Demonstration by Chef Art Smith - Celebrity Chef and Humanitarian 10/11/201712:00 PM12:45 PMCulinary Demo
Nation's Top 10 Menu Item Trends to Drive Diners Through Your Door 10/11/201712:00 PM12:45 PMHot Trends
Your Restaurant is NOT Average, So Stop Using a National Average Food Cost to Run Your Restaurant. How to find your target and measure success. 10/11/201712:00 PM12:45 PMOperational Excellence
2017 Beer Trends, Styles, and Industry Dynamics 10/11/201712:00 PM12:45 PMHot Trends
Leasing Restaurant Space? Negotiate to Win 10/11/20171:00 PM1:45 PMOperational Excellence
Food Safety in the Age of Social Media 10/11/20171:00 PM1:45 PMHot Trends
Trends and Insights in the Hourly Hiring Marketplace 10/11/20171:00 PM1:45 PMBuild a Winning Team
Beacon Award Presentation to Carol B. Dover 10/11/20171:15 PM2:15 PMCulinary Demo
How to Create and Retain Rock Star Employees 10/11/20172:00 PM2:30 PMBuild a Winning Team
Facebook is NOT a PR Strategy 10/11/20172:00 PM2:45 PMIncrease Loyalty
The Seven Seas of Leading Organizational Behavior - *Book Sales and Signing to Follow 10/11/20172:00 PM3:00 PMOperational Excellence
Chef Means Manager Not a Person Who Makes Food Taste Good 10/11/20173:00 PM3:45 PMBuild a Winning Team
Don't Leave Precious Dollars on the Table…You are NOT Powerless over the Cost of Worker's Compensation 10/11/20173:00 PM3:45 PMOperational Excellence
Restaurant Marketing Trends for 2018 10/11/20173:15 PM4:00 PMIncrease Loyalty
EMV Compliance - Eliminate Chargebacks, Increase Revenue and Improve Operational Efficiencies 10/12/201710:15 AM10:45 AMOperational Excellence
Develop the Right Hospitality Management Team 10/12/201710:45 AM11:45 AMBuild a Winning Team
Keeping Your Great Food Safe 10/12/201711:00 AM11:45 AMHot Trends
The Theory of Profitability - Understanding Theoretical Food Cost 10/12/201711:00 AM11:45 AMOperational Excellence
Torch Award Presentation and Culinary Demonstration - Chef Michelle Bernstein 10/12/201711:00 AM12:00 PMCulinary Demo
Selling or Buying a Restaurant? Learn the Tips, Tricks, and Traps You Will Encounter 10/12/201712:00 PM12:45 PMOperational Excellence
B2B Solutions for Reducing Your Food Waste and Increasing Your Bottom Line 10/12/201712:00 PM12:45 PMOperational Excellence
Exceeding Expectations: Training for True Hospitality 10/12/201712:00 PM12:45 PMBuild a Winning Team
Culinary Demonstration by Chef Jeff Philbin - Philanthropist and Season 8 MasterChef 10/12/201712:30 PM1:30 PMCatering
Using Science to Improve the Success of Your Restaurant 10/12/20171:00 PM1:45 PMOperational Excellence
How to Put the "Bourbon Boom" to Work for You 10/12/20171:00 PM1:45 PMHot Trends
3 Reasons Why Your Independent Restaurant Needs a Marketing Plan Now 10/12/20171:00 PM1:45 PMIncrease Loyalty
Culinary Demonstration by Chef Elliott Farmer - Celebrity Chef 10/12/20172:00 PM2:45 PMCulinary Demo
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