International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York   3/5/2017 - 3/7/2017

It’s Time To Drive Sales! 3/5/20179:30 AM10:30 AMLeadership & Team Building
How to Get $200 Billion in Spending Power in Your Restaurant 3/5/20179:30 AM10:30 AMOperations
Who's Growing and Who's Closing in 2017 3/5/20179:30 AM10:30 AMOperations
7 Strategies to Connect Your Front Line to Your Bottom Line 3/5/20179:30 AM10:30 AMLeadership & Team Building
Culinary Demonstration - Adam Lathan, The Gumbo Brothers 3/5/201710:00 AM10:45 AMMenu & Cuisine
State of the Restaurant Industry Panel 3/5/201711:00 AM11:45 AMHot Trends
Using Customer Engagement to Double Customer Visits 3/5/201711:00 AM12:00 PMMarketing
Food Safety for Success: Avoid the PR Nightmare 3/5/201711:00 AM12:00 PMOperations
10 Keys to Rock Government Restaurant Regulations 3/5/201711:00 AM12:00 PMOperations
Are You Catering Current Cool? 3/5/201711:00 AM12:00 PMCatering
Top Trends in Hourly Hiring 3/5/201712:30 PM1:30 PMHot Trends
The Connected Experience: A Restaurant's Playbook in a Digital World 3/5/201712:30 PM1:30 PMHot Trends
Healthful Food Trends and Their Impact on the Restaurant Industry 3/5/201712:30 PM1:30 PMHot Trends
Cost Savings Strategies - Procurement: From Light Bulbs to Local Produce 3/5/201712:30 PM1:30 PMHot Trends
Foodservice Council for Women 3/5/20171:00 PM2:00 PMHot Trends
Chef Means Manager Not a Person Who Makes Food Taste Good 3/5/20172:00 PM3:00 PMLeadership & Team Building
Restaurant Tech: Big Data on a Small Budget 3/5/20172:00 PM3:00 PMHot Trends
Latino Consumer Behavior: What You Need to Know 3/5/20172:00 PM3:00 PMHot Trends
Applying Forecasting Methods To Your Operation 3/5/20172:00 PM3:00 PMOperations
Rapid Fire Appetizer Challenge 3/5/20172:30 PM4:00 PMMenu & Cuisine
Develop The Right Hospitality Management Team 3/6/20179:30 AM10:30 AMLeadership & Team Building
Food Transparency in the Age of Alternate Facts and Fake News 3/6/20179:30 AM10:30 AMHot Trends
Profit is a Predetermined Figure- Menu Engineering for Maximum Profitability 3/6/20179:30 AM10:30 AMOperations
Should I Franchise my Business? 3/6/20179:30 AM10:30 AMOperations
Culinary Demonstration - Donatella Arpaia, Celebrity Chef & Restaurateur 3/6/201710:00 AM10:45 AMMenu & Cuisine
Culinary Demonstration - Dan Jackson, Cafe2 and Terrace5, MoMa 3/6/201711:00 AM11:45 AMMenu & Cuisine
5 Things that Will Make You the Most Profits in Catering 3/6/201711:00 AM12:00 PMCatering
Top 7 Tools to Turn ANY Diner into a Regular 3/6/201711:00 AM12:00 PMHot Trends
Secrets to Holding Your Management Team Accountable 3/6/201711:00 AM12:00 PMLeadership & Team Building
Making a Restaurant Millennial Friendly 3/6/201711:00 AM12:00 PMHot Trends
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