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AbSci is distinctly revolutionizing biologics manufacturing through its core technology platform, SoluPro™, a game-changer E. coli expression platform that eliminates the formation of inclusion bodies, increases plant efficiencies, drastically reduces manufacturing costs up to 75% in some cases, can postpone and reduce capex expenditures and enables biopharmaceutical partners to shave several months from development timelines. To utilize this high yielding chassis strain, AbSci has developed a high-throughput workflow, which employs proprietary assays to optimize for product titer, function, and quality. And AbSci’s SoluPure™ technology, which is a scalable, “no column” first step purification technique, ensures a low cost, highly efficient downstream process. Together, SoluPure™ and SoluPro™ introduce numerous efficiencies throughout biologic discovery and manufacturing process and provides partners a fully optimized cell line, which produces correctly folded, active protein, at multi-gram per liter titers in less than 3 months! This precedent is unmatched by any other technology or process.

The SoluPro platform has been used to produce a wide range of complex proteins with proper folding and at groundbreaking titers, including full-length antibodies (4 g/L), Fabs (4.4g/L), and insulin (>20g/L) in 48 hours or less. Under collaboration, AbSci seeks to license its platform to partners for various projects.

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