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Somerville, Massachusetts 02143 USA
Phone: (617) 865-3400
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Bringing Automation to your Solution Preparation
Robotics I Artificial Intelligence I Machine Learning

LabMinds is the pioneer in AI and Robotics for solution preparation in pharmaceutical and life science labs.

Discover the many benefits of our Revo:

  • Working from home: order your solution remotely to ease your on-site Operations 
  • Apply the same level of stringency to your buffer as you do with your samples
  • Speed up your R&D projects 
  • Reduce your risks 
  • Bring drugs to Market quicker

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     Intensified & Continuous Processing
     Manufacturing Strategy & Bioprocessing 4.0
     Recovery & Purification
Jeff Caputo, CEO
James Parry, Director of Sales I Europe
Guenolee Ribadeau Dumas, Marketing Manager
Phone: 8579919098
Product Showcase
1) LabMinds Inc - Revo Product Brochure Bringing Automation to your Solution Preparation
Product Brochure
2a) LabMinds Inc - Chemical Library Additional documentation

Highlights already released chemicals - the list is constantly expanding depending on customer's requests

Product Brochure
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