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GAP Peptides, LLC offers an innovative, cost-saving, platform technology for large scale synthetic peptide manufacture: GAPPS (Group Assisted Purification Peptide Synthesis).  Using solution-phase Fmoc/tBu synthesis methods, GAPPS eliminates resin anchors, decreases solvent consumption and waste, reduces process cycle-time, and allows for direct in-process controls. GAPPS embraces green chemistry and requires no special equipment. To date, this robust and cost-efficient approach has been proven at a 100g scale and on peptides up to 20 mer. 

Leveraging the benefits of traditional methods, GAPPS can reduce raw material and solvent consumption during synthesis by more than 80% and dramatically decrease raw material costs - in some cases by nearly 50%. GAPPS technology readily enables successful, lower-cost scale up while maintaining yield and delivering high crude-purity. 

For contracted research, we can produce non-GMP peptides from 1 - 100 g scale, with length up to 20-mer. We offer contract services to perform custom synthesis route development and optimization using the GAPPS process.

We aim to commercialize our knowledge for the benefit of our customers. GAP Peptides' IP portfolio offers a flexible pathway for global commercialization via licensing. Contact the team at GAP Peptides to learn more about the advantages and benefits delivered by GAPPS.

     Drug Delivery Innovations and Strategies
     Peptide Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls
     Peptide Discovery, Preclinical and Clinical
Cole Seifert, CSO
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Caroline Brooks, CEO
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Carder Brooks, Founder
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Recent research articles and references on GAP Peptides' innovative approach to large scale, lower cost peptide synthesis. 

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Innovation for Sustainability and Scale-Up:  Group Assisted Purification Peptide Synthesis

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What's in Your Toolbox? GAPPS cost-savings approach to peptide synthesis
Date/Time: September 17/ 9:30 am EST Location: Lecture Track 4: Peptide Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls

Group Assisted Purification Peptide Synthesis (GAPPS) delivers a low-cost scaleup alternative. Using Fmoc/tBu chemistry, GAPPS is conducted in solution, providing >80% reduction in solvent waste compared to SPPS, while allowing for direct in-process controls. The method has been demonstrated on the 100-gram scale with robust processes designed for multi-Kg scale-up.

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