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Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Milwaukee, Wisc WI 53202 USA
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About Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a developer and manufacturer of standard and customized phosphoramidites.

Their product range, which includes TheraPure® ™ and DyLight™ phosphoramidites, are used in the production of oligonucleotides and modified specialty nucleic acids for research, diagnostics and therapeutic applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offer over 25 years of manufacturing experience, a mature quality system and a cross functional project team approach, with a Milwaukee-based facility that is dedicated to meeting the growing needs of the market.


Thermo Fisher Scientific Products

Thermo Fisher Scientific offer an extensive range of products across pharma, biopharma, cell developments, chemicals and much more.

Their vast product offering is divided in to the following primary product pillars;

  • Life Sciences
  • Industrial & Applied Sciences
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Lab Solutions

You can find out more about ThermoFisher’s extensive offering on their website here.

Samantha Li, Sr. Market Development Manager
Phone: 415-533-2276
John Ackroyd, Sr. Business Development Manager
Phone: +44 789 446 1807
Amy Pasley, Sr. Business Development Manager
Phone: 414-758-7972
Product Showcase
DNA Phosphoramidites
RNA Phosphoramidites
Nucleotides (NTPs and modified nucleotides)
Cap analogs
Enzymes for mRNA synthesis
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