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Bachem Americas, Inc
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Torrance, California 90505 USA
Phone: (310) 539-4171 Fax: (310) 539-9428 http://www.bachem.com/
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About Bachem

The Swiss based Bachem Group is specialized in the development and manufacturing of pepTide- and oligonucleoTide-based active pharmaceutical ingredients. With 50 years of experience and a global reach, the group is the partner of choice for the biotech and pharma industry. Bachem attaches the utmost importance to quality, innovation and partnership.

 Bachem. Leading Partner in Tides

Peter Hutchings, Vice President, Business Development & Sales
Phone: (310) 784-7310
Mobile: (310) 817-9280
Chris McGee, Senior Director, Business Development
Phone: (310) 784-7334
Mobile: (310) 218-8297
Lael Cheung, Manager, Business Development
Phone: (310) 784-7335
Mobile: (424) 327-1404
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