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Oligonucleotide therapeutic represent a new and rapid growing class of biotherapeutics spinning a wide range of application such as antisense oligonucleotide (ASO), siRNA, RNA/DNA aptamer, and miRNA. Oligonucleotide substances are manufacturing by solid-phase synthetic method using phosphoramidite monomer on automated synthesizers. The conventional method is highly efficient, however, remaining significant problems for quality and price of synthesized oligonucleotide product. We developed novel nucleotide blockers and monomers as new building blocks for manufacturing of oligonucleotide substance. Presented here is its preparation process and applying to oligonucleotide synthesis in liquid and solid phase in use of our building blocks.

 In addition to this, we developed a novel microfluidic manufacturing platform for Liposome and LNP formulation, and are offering to serve as a CMO from lab scale (mL) to commercial GMP production (dozens of litters). In this way, we offer integrated manufacturing service from Oligonucleotide to finished dosage.

Our capable service is as follows.

- Oligonucleotides manufacture

- Scale up production for Liposome and LNP

Shinzo Nakayama, Manager
Phone: +81336653333
Mobile: +819031414657
Fax: +81336653940
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