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A Space RF Products and Semiconductor Services Company

Dedicated to providing the best RF space and semiconductor services possible, Criteria Labs can deliver unique solutions to your complex technical problems, improve your project schedules, and complement you with capabilities not internally available.

Our in-house Engineering Team can deliver eutectic die attachments, die to shim attachments, chip and wire assemblies, ceramic space qualified packaging, upscreening, RF device screening up to 50 GHz, reliability, and qualification testing solutions where dependability is critical. Our breath of services remains an important differentiator, no other company in the industry can offer the comprehensive end-to-end solutions that we can.

We understand that your RF space and semiconductor projects are financially and strategically important to your organization, and we take the responsibility to help you achieve your goals very seriously. We also recognize that we can be the very best at what we do and still be great to work with. We strive to be both.


More About Criteria Labs

Our Austin, Texas facility has 5,000 sq. ft. of clean room and provides RF High Reliability Space Products, Test Engineering Development services, TEST, package assembly, device qualification and product reliability testing. Our 15,000 square foot Penrose, Colorado facility is the largest dedicated tape and reel facility in the USA.

These capabilities uniquely position Criteria Labs to provide a broad range of services, consolidating the number of suppliers our customers use, decreases costs and significantly improves cycle times.  With such a large service offering, no wonder Criteria Labs is one of the fastest growing RF and back end semiconductor services companies in the USA.

     Active Components
          Amplifiers (High Power > 10W)
          Amplifiers (Low Noise)
          Amplifiers (Power)
     Control Components
          Attenuators & Phase Shifters
     Millimeter Wave Components
          Active Millimeter Wave Components
          Millimeter Wave Control Components
          Millimeter Wave Semiconductor Devices
     Semiconductors/Integrated Circuits
          Power Devices
          Contract Design
          Contract Manufacturing
          Testing Services
Product Showcase
CL-1010 Gain Block RFMD SBB-4082S Replacement

The Criteria Labs CL1010 is a high-performance InGaP HBT MMIC amplifier utilizing a Darlington configuration with an active bias network in a hermetic package. The active bias network provides stable current over temperature and Beta process variations. The CL1010 is designed for high linearity gain block military and industrial applications requiring excellent gain flatness, small size, minimal external components and hermetic packaging. Criteria Labs can provide various levels of device screening for military or high-reliability space applications.

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CL-1012 Gain Block RFMD SBB-5082S Replacement

Criteria Labs has developed high performance self biased GaAs RF amplifiers to meet stringent reliability and quality requirements for space applications.  This lineup of gain blocks are available from DC to 12 GHz (L through band) and packaged in a small foot print hermetic, space qualified package.   With noise figures below 1.0 db in microwave frequencies, our Indium Gallium Phosphide heterojunction bipolar trasistors  (InGaP HBT) and pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors (E-pHEMT) gain blocks are have been designed for highly sensitive SATCOM and radar applications and are built for survivability rated RF/Microwave military and aerospace radio designs.

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CL-1210 GaN Amplifier Screened and qualified to: MIL-PRF-38538 Class Q & Class V

Criteria Labs CL-1210 is a space qualified power GaN amplifier that can operate from 27 to 31 GHz, achieves 36.5 dBm saturated output power, with a power-added efficiency of 25% and 25dB of small signal gain.

The CL-1210 is offered in a hermetically sealed 22-lead 7×7 mm ceramic QFN designed for surface mount to a printed circuit board. The package has a Cu base, offering superior thermal management. The CL-1210 is suited to support military and space applications. This part is specifically fabricated to pass stringent PIND and RGA testing as part of Military screening and QCI tests.

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CL-3010 MCM Screened and qualified to MIL-PRF-38538 Class Q & Class V

Criteria Labs CL-3010 is a combination limiter and LNA which provides 4W CW survivability from 4-20 GHz. This unique device has mid-band performance of 17 dB gain and 2 dB noise figure. The CL-3010 has adjustable gain and is packaged in a space qualified 7×7 mm hermetic package.

The CL-3010 device is matched to 50 ohms with integrated DC blocking capacitors on both the inputs and outputs and is qualified for military and space applications.

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