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        Since our very beginning as a company, our unchanging hope has always been to be able to give our clients what they need. This is still true in today’s ever-changing business world, where need is taking on more and more diverse forms.

Our made-to-order production system, which we use to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers with meticulous care, is an expression of our craftsmanship. This is why we’re so confident that no other company can match our products.

Engagement with our customers in producing products is what keeps us going, and we are sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to work with every one of them.

We take pride in being a part of the mechanism that drives our age forward with each successive technological revolution. Tecdia is always ready take on the challenge to expand our sights into new fields in the world to give our customers what they need.

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Company Profile

Single Layer Wire Bondable Capacitors


Scribe Tools


Precision Machining

Contract Manufacturing


200V Capacitors

     Millimeter Wave Components
          Millimeter Wave Semiconductor Devices
          Passive Millimeter Wave Components
     Passive Components
     Semiconductors/Integrated Circuits
          Contract Manufacturing
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Single Layer Chip Capacitors SLC

Tecdia Chip Capacitors are normally constructed as square chips for single values and binary capacitor arrays, and in rectangular shapes for capacitor row arrays and custom designs. Tecdia uses variations in chip thickness (by lapping), as well as electrode/ceramic size and dielectric constant to construct capacitors. This permits a broad range of capacitance values to be manufactured with various form factors and designs.

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Varactor Varactor

Tecdia’s surface-mount dielectric varactors are made with a unique Tecdia proprietary voltage controllable dielectric and are designed for controlling impedance in a wide variety of applications operational up to millimeter-wave frequencies.  Some common applications for the varactor are Tunable Phase Shifters, Tunable Matching Networks, Tunable Filters, and Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs).  Besides a selection of standard part numbers, we support custom varactor requests and can tailor capacitance, size, metallization, and other specifications as requested.  Please contact Tecdia for samples requests and questions regarding dielectric varactors.

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Rectangular Capacitor Rectangular Capacitor

Wire bondable, high aspect ratio chip capacitors for transistor impedance pre-matching and other applications.

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Binary Capacitor Binary Capacitor

Wire bondable, multiple pad capacitors for prototyping or precision capacitance tuning.

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Gap Capacitors Gap Capacitors

Wire bondable OR flip chip (SMT) style die attach AC coupling capacitors.

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Row Capacitors Row Capacitors

Wire bondable row/array capacitors for decoupling multiple channels of a MMIC or other die.

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Thin Film Chip Resistors Thin Film Chip Resistors

Chip resistors for impedance matching and noise filtering applications.

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Integrated Chip Resistors Integrated Chip Resistors

Combines a capacitor and a resistor on a single ceramic chip to help economize space within devices and reduce component count.

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Ground Blocks Ground Blocks

Ceramic Ground Blocks are customizable conductive shims ideal for application within micro-assemblies in both optical and microwave industries.

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Thin Film Substrate Substrate

Tecdia’s Thin Film Substrates technologies combine over 40 years of experience in ceramics, machining, wafer processing, and thin film metallization techniques into one group that specializes in build-to-print thin film metalized ceramic substrates. Features such as fine patterns, electrical wraps, thin film resistors and pre-deposited AuSn are all specialized for miniaturized high-speed communication devices.

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