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Developed for First Responders, Show Management, Building Personnel, Security Teams...

Immediately Convey & Pinpoint where an Occurrence is Happening at an Event or to Locate a Security Breach or any Event Concern. 

Teams Communicate Simultaneously to Identify the Targeted Area.

E L I is not just for expositions.  It can be used in any venue, outdoors, indoors, sporting events, concerts and more.  To learn more, contact 

     Security Technology
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E L I Emergency Location Interactive

ELI™ Saves Precious Seconds or Minutes in any Emergency.  Location Links Assist in Responding Faster and Accurately Using Any Venue Indoors or Out, Including Loading Docks, Classrooms, Hallways, Parking Lots, Lobbies or Anywhere the Event Reaches.

A Single Click Location Indicator on The Event Map Will Notify the Appropriate Individuals Such as Security Chief, Show Manager, Venue Personnel, Etc.  Emergency Location Links Are Ideal for Pinpointing Where Immediate Attention Is Required Such as an Unknown or Suspicious Package, An Active Shooter, Fire, Medical Emergency...

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